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Medical/Biochemical Industry

Teflon™ coatings, Tefzel™ coatings, Xylan® coatings, Halar® coatings, Kynar® coatings, and powder coatings are used extensively in the medical industry. Uses range from low friction applications (guide wires, catheterization wires, etc.) to dielectric applications (insulation for canullas, surgical devices, etc.) to test equipment (decorative or color coding, etc.).Recommending the correct coating for medical applications requires not only a knowledgeable staff, but the dedication to really understand your need and operating environment. Rather than just recommending a “standard” coating, the team at Plas-Tech Coatings will work with you to review the possible solutions and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each proposal. We recognize there is not a “one coating solves all” solution, so whether it is Teflon™ coating, Tefzel™ coating, Xylan® coating, Halar® coating, Kynar® coating, or powder coating, we will recommend the best solution.

Case Study

Recently a manufacturer of medical test equipment approached Plas-Tech Coatings with a product transportation problem. The product carriers were not consistently moving across the test bed, resulting in chatter and the potential for splashing product. Plas-Tech Coatings staff recommended a custom highly wear resistant Xylan® coating. When tested against another Xylan® applicators recommendation, our suggestion provide a lower coefficient of friction and 3X the wear resistance of the competitive product.

Medical Industry Coatings non-stick, Release coating, electrical insulation, dielectric strength, cannulas
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