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Aerospace Service Coatings

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Fluoropolymer coatings are helpful in aerospace applications where corrosion protection, electrical resistance, or reduced friction are required. In addition, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) claims that modern aerospace coating technology can lessen air drag and aid in preventing debris buildup, lowering fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

When looking for coating solutions for aerospace applications, it is essential to work with a coater manufacturer that offers faster application times, better performance, and greater durability.

Aerospace Coatings

Epoxy primers and polyurethane topcoats are common components of coating systems for aerospace parts. Because of their superior adhesive and chemical resistance qualities, epoxies are preferred as primers. In addition, they are recommended for topcoats because of the following properties:

  • Sturdiness
  • Chemical and fluid resistance
  • Flexibility
  • UV resistance in acidic atmospheric conditions
  • Color and gloss retention
  • Cleanability
  • Stain resistance

Fluoropolymer coatings provide much higher temperature resistance (up to 500 °F or 260 °C) and are excellent at decreasing friction, shielding substrates from corrosion, and offering insulating qualities. However, the need for a thermal cure constrains the number of components to which fluoropolymer coatings can be applied.

Although some systems can be thicker or thinner, most aerospace coating types are applied at a dry film thickness of 1-3 mils.

Benefits of Aerospace Coatings

It is crucial for companies and manufacturers in the aviation, general aviation, and military aerospace industries to have coating systems that can function properly in high-pressure settings. Your aircraft’s component must endure the different atmospheric pressure, temperature, and corrosion conditions it encounters down to the paint and coatings applied to the parts.

Why do Plas-Tech Coatings’ coatings outperform liquid paint in terms of protection? Here are some of the top reasons:

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

An aircraft will experience a wide range of abrupt temperature fluctuations during the flight. Plas-Tech Coatings provides coating solutions that won’t melt or degrade with temperature fluctuations, whether at 30 below zero or 1,200 °F.

Reduce Friction

Frictional losses can be reduced or avoided with the use the dry film lubricants Plas-Tech excels at recommending and applying.

Protect Against Corrosion

When aerospace components corrode, their durability decreases. This is especially true for those constructed of aluminum. The aerospace coating market understands and provides solutions to this most common threat in aircraft and other related aerospace machinery.

Reliable Aerospace Coatings From Plas-Tech Coatings

Plas-Tech Coatings stands out from the competition thanks to its precise methods, strict quality control, superior understanding, reliable delivery, and high regard for the art and science of coating application.

Plas-Tech Coatings is ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D certified. We are the ONLY NADCAP Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA) of Teflontm coatings.


Whether it’s an epoxy, polyurethane, Teflon™, Tefzel™, Xylan®, Halar®, or Kynar® coating, our technical staff has the experience and expertise to suggest the best aerospace defense coating for client needs. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, Plas-Tech Coatings will collaborate with you throughout the development phase to identify the ideal coating and application criteria.

Get in touch with one of our trained representatives immediately to learn more about what our protective coatings can do for your needs! You may also request a quote to start working with us today.

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