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Teflon™ PFA; Teflon™ ETFE, Teflon™ 1-Coat, 2-Coat, and 3-Coat Systems; Xylan®; Kynar®, and Halar® coatings are the most commonly used coatings in industrial applications. Teflon™ PTFE sees some use in industrial applications, but those uses are limited due to porosity and wear resistance issues. Corrosion protection applications require a solid, continuous film and the thicker the better. Corrosion under the Teflon™ coating surface does not always mean the coating was applied incorrectly or the wrong coating was applied. Coatings can be permeable to a variety of gases and liquids. As the chemicals permeate the coating they eventually come in contact with the substrate and corrosion occurs at the coating/substrate interface.

Non-stick applications are frequently solved with the same Teflon™ coating, Xylan® coating, or Halar® coating systems used to solve corrosion problems. So in many cases not only will a fluoropolymer coating system solve your corrosion problems, it can eliminate sticking problems along with providing an easy clean hydrophobic surface.

Industrial Services Industry Non-stick, Corrosion protection, Whitford, Teflon, Xylan Coatings

Another industrial application for fluoropolymer coatings is static dissipation. Xylan® coatings are available that provide a semi-conductive film suitable for ESD safe environments. Xylan® coating systems are thin film (0.0005 – 0.0020” thick) and provide a self-cleaning surface.

The range of industrial products that can benefit from a Teflon™ coating, Xylan® coating, or Halar® coating system is huge. Heat seal machines, chemical storage containers, chemical processing vessels, agitators, ink baths, and printing presses, are just a few of the many industrial applications Plas-Tech Coatings has had the pleasure of working on for our satisfied customers.

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