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Industrial applications require specialized coatings to protect machinery, equipment, and structures from corrosion, wear, and environmental damage. These coatings are essential for extending the lifespan of industrial assets and maintaining operational efficiency. They also ensure compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.

At Plas-Tech Coatings, we provide top-notch industrial coatings tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients! Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that exceed industry standards for performance and durability. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced materials, we guarantee superior protection against corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

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Common Industrial Coatings

Plas-Tech Coatings offers the following industrial coatings:

  • Teflon™ Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA): These coatings provide excellent non-stick properties, high-temperature tolerance, and exceptional chemical resistance. They are widely used in food processing, chemical processing, and semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Teflon™ Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE): Typically used for corrosion protection and chemical storage applications. these coatings are known for their excellent weatherability, UV resistance, and exceptional mechanical properties.
  • Teflon™ 1-Coat, 2-Coat, and 3-Coat Systems: These provide varying levels of performance and functionality, depending on the application requirements. They also offer versatility in thickness, adhesion, and chemical resistance.
  • Xylan®: These coatings are engineered to provide exceptional lubricity, corrosion resistance, and chemical inertness. They are used in the automotive, oil and gas, and aerospace industries, where friction reduction and protection against harsh environments are critical.
  • Kynar®: These polyvinylidene fluoride-based coatings are known for their UV resistance and color retention. They are applied in architectural, marine, and chemical processing industries for long-lasting protection against fading, chalking, and corrosion.
  • Halar®: Used in applications requiring resistance to corrosive chemicals,these coatings are made from ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE), offering good chemical resistance, high purity, and thermal stability. They are often employed in the chemical, semiconductor, processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Applications of Industrial Service Coatings

Here are some common applications of industrial coatings based on their properties:

Chemical Resistance

Industrial coatings with chemical resistance find extensive applications in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is prevalent. These substances are typically used in chemical processing plants, refineries, and wastewater treatment facilities. Coatings such as Teflon™ PFA and Halar® provide excellent chemical resistance, ensuring the integrity of equipment and preventing contamination.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is a major concern for sectors dealing with metal surfaces exposed to harsh environments like moisture, chemicals, and saltwater. Industrial coatings are mainly used to protect these surfaces from corrosion, which extends their lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. For example, these substances safeguard critical infrastructure such as bridges, pipelines, storage tanks, and offshore platforms.

Electrical Insulation

Epoxy, polyurethane, ETFE and ECTFE are applied to electrical components to provide insulation and protect against electrical conductivity, arcing, and short circuits. They form a durable layer that isolates parts and components from external environmental factors and prevents moisture ingress. They also offer resistance to temperature extremes, ensuring the stability and performance of electrical systems.

Heat and Thermal Insulation

Industrial service coatings are applied to surfaces exposed to high temperatures, impeding heat transfer and upholding structural integrity. Fluoropolymers and epoxy coatings are preferred due to their capacity to endure extreme heat and deliver robust thermal insulation. They find widespread use in critical applications like industrial ovens, furnaces, exhaust systems, and turbine components.

Wear Resistance

Polyurethane polyimide, and epoxy coatings are applied to surfaces subjected to mechanical wear and abrasion to maintain operational efficiency. These coatings are chosen for their high wear resistance and ability to withstand friction and impact. Some of their common applications include conveyor belts, rollers, machinery components, and cutting tools in the manufacturing and mining industries.

Upgrade Your Coating Solutions Today!

At Plas-Tech Coatings, we strive to be your trusted partner in achieving optimal coating solutions for your industrial needs. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality coatings, including our renowned Halar®, Xylan®, and Teflon™ coatings. We also prioritize accuracy, reliability, and exceptional customer service in our operations.

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