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New Eclipse is a three-coat, internally reinforced nonstick system developed by Whitford Worldwide, manufacturer of the world’s largest, most complete line of nonstick coatings. Eclipse is different from all other nonsticks in three important aspects:

  1. The primer coat contains a carefully chosen and blended combination of resins and unusually hard materials, permitting a far higher percentage of special reinforcing elements.
  2. The midcoat also contains the special reinforcing elements.
  3. The topcoat is rich in fluoropolymers, and is dedicated entirely to “release” (the nonstick characteristic).

What Do Test Results Show?

Whitford has tested the new Eclipse system via several standard test methods. The most severe is the Reciprocating Abrasion Tester (Whitford Test Method 135C*).

This is the most demanding test we know since it duplicates the harshest condition to which a pan can be subjected in the kitchen: scouring with a Scotch-Brite® pad (as described in BS 7069-1988). Durability, of course, is not meaningful unless the coating maintains its nonstick quality. So Whitford stops the test every 10,000 cycles and subjects the test pan to the Dry-Egg Test (Whitford Test Method 199B*) to assure continued release.

All tests show startling results. The toughest internally reinforced coating previously tested was able to reach 20,000 cycles. Eclipse has gone beyond 200,000 cycles, offering at least 10 times the durability (with superb release).

Does It Work On All Substrates?

Eclipse has been thoroughly tested on stainless steel, porcelain and aluminum, from smooth to grit-blasted to hard-anodized. It works perfectly on all of these.

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