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Xylar® (Cermet)

Xylar® coatings are thin-film surface protection finishes, ideal for extending the lives of parts where environments are extremely hot, corrosive and/or abrasive. Xylar is often used on specialty aircraft components.

Based on an alloy of ceramic and metallic materials, Xylar® forms a thin, hard, high-temperature-stable, sacrificial ceramic metallic barrier. In many cases, these coatings enable parts to be used in environments that would normally preclude their use. In others, they enable designers to replace expensive super alloys with less costly metal coated with Xylar®.

Xylar® coatings are recommended for use in three major application areas:

  • Protecting metal from oxidizing due to water in all forms (salt water, steam, ice, etc.)
  • Protecting metal from high temperature oxidation up to 1000°F
  • Providing a sacrificial primer for conventional air spray lubricating coatings, such as Xylan®

Burnishing is recommended to develop optimum corrosion resistant properties. Burnishing is the process whereby the Xylar® coatings are made more dense and continuous by compression and smearing of the metal powders that are part of the coating. Xylar® coatings can be burnished by peening with glass beads or polishing with steel wool or abrasive pads. Burnishing produces a smooth surface and bright metallic effect.

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