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Packaging Industry

Packaging Industry Mold Release, Vacuum Forming, Heat Sealing, Molding Coatings

Teflon™ coating, Xylan® coating, and Eclipse® coatings are used extensively in packaging equipment. All of these coatings are applied in relatively thin layers (0.0005 – 0.0020” thick) so not to affect the heat transfer from the sealing head to the product. By adding these non-stick coatings, packaging equipment manufacturers and users benefit from reduced film sticking, improved quality of seals, and decreased cycle times.

Case Studies

  1. Plas-Tech Coatings has worked with numerous OEMs and end users to identify the best coating for each application. We were recently contacted by an end user who found operating their sealing dies at 650°F provided an excellent seal, but the current fluoropolymer based coating was failing due to thermal degradation in just a few hours. Our engineers went to work and developed a non-stick coating that has a maximum use temperature of 750°F compared to the 500°F maximum temperature for fluoropolymer coatings. Our PT-250 coating was a huge success. The customer now has the most desirable seal and a life of weeks instead of hours. Better yet, PT-250 can be removed and re-applied, so when the die does fail due to sticking, Plas-Tech reconditions the coating instead of the customer purchasing an entirely new die.
  2. Multihead Weighing Systems (Ishida, Multipond, Ilapak, Ohlson) are increasingly being coated with Teflon™, Xylan®, and Eclipse® coatings. More and more products are being sold with flavoring and seasonings. These additives build up on the product contact surfaces of the multihead weigher requiring frequent and time-consuming cleaning. Plas-Tech Coatings can apply super wear resistant US FDA food contact compliant Teflon™, Xylan®, and Eclipse® coatings to the critical components of the weigher. Not only is the amount of sticking product greatly reduced, but clean up time is typically reduced by 50% or more. As an added bonus, all of these coatings are very chemical resistant, so cleaning solutions have no detrimental effect on the coating.


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